Reiska, Priit and Alberto J., Cañas and Lott, James and Novak, Joseph D ARE YOU A GOOD CMAPPER? CERTIFY YOURSELF!

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Becoming a good concept mapper (Cmapper) is not easy. Building his/her first concept maps, the new Cmapper needs to handle some of the mechanics of constructing a Cmap, and understanding how to put together concepts and linking phrases to form propositions. Next comes understanding the meaning of hierarchy as it relates to concept mapping, and grasping the importance of crosslinks. These are structural aspects of the concept map. At the same time, the new Cmapper starts struggling with the content, with expressing in the concept map his/her knowledge about the topic being mapped, with finding the right set of concepts and the linking phrases that best explain their relationship. We have written about these issues before: in Cañas et al. (2012) we discussed the importance of content and structure in concept mapping; in Cañas et al. (2015) we analyzed what makes a good and excellent concept map and a good and excellent Cmapper; and in Cañas et al. (2016) we analyzed the importance of the purpose of the map in determining its size and how excellent Cmappers tend to build smaller maps. With this background, and to help determine the progress towards becoming a better Cmapper, we are setting up a Concept Mapping Certification suite, hosted by the Concept Mapping Academy. The certification consists of several levels: Level 1 evaluates the Cmapper’s understanding of the structural aspects of concept mapping. Level 2 assesses the Cmapper’s ability to organize content in a meaningful way. Level 1 has been implemented and is in beta testing at More levels are being designed.

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